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FAQs - Pounds Till Payday Loans


When looking forward to borrow money, you can get it easily from poundtillpaydayloans.co.uk. When you do not have time to visit a lender personally, then you can get it at home with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does the application take?

✔ Our Online applications can take less than 5 minutes to complete

How much funds can I borrow?

✔ Depending on your personal need and circumstances you can borrow from £ 80 up to £ 1000. We will transfer the funds within the hour to your account.

How long can I use a Pound till Payday Loans for?

✔ A pound till payday loans is a short term finance facility and is inappropriate for sustaining borrowing over a long period more than 2 year and would be costly as a way of longer term borrowing. Please borrow sensibly.

Understanding the APR

APRs are best method of comparing parallel products but are not so helpful when comparing dissimilar products. The following table demonstrates this:

 Type of loan



 Total repayment


 Actual interest


£ 500

















 Comparing Instalment loans with payday loans

As you can observe the APR for the two installment loans are the same but the real interest repaid as a percent of the loan is hugely different - and much lower with payday loans.

Can I obtain a loans form Pound till Payday?

✔ If you are over 18, in permanent employment and earning more than £ 100 a month, you can apply. All you then need is a bank account for us to pay the loan in, with a debit card for you to repay! All loans are subject to status.

What information is necessary?

Our simple and online form only requires the following basic information:

Your name and a valid address

Your date of birth according to the certificates

Your active telephone numbers and a valid email

Your work and pay details

Your bank account number only

Why do you want all this information?

✔ We are a responsible payday loan provider and this means that we need to verify:

✔ That it is you taking out the pound loans with us

✔ That you are have some source of money and able to repay the payday loan

✔ That we put the funds in your checking bank account and no-one else's account

✔ That you can repay the money in a simple and hassle-free way

I have a bad credit history - will this affect my payday loan application?

✓ Not necessarily

I don't have a debit card - can I still apply?

✓ Not necessarily

What is a Credit Reference Agency?

✓ Credit Reference Agencies (CRAs) collect and keep information on consumers' and businesses' credit behavior, on behalf of organizations in the UK.

What is a Fraud Prevention Agency?

✓ Fraud Prevention Agencies (FPAs) collect maintain and share information on known and suspected fraudulent activity. Some CRAs also act as FPAs.

Why do you use them when I have applied to your organization?

✓ Even if you have applied to us, poundtillpaydayloans.co.uk as a liable lender will verify our own records and we will also speak to CRAs to get information on your credit behavior with other organizations. This will help us construct the best possible consideration of your overall circumstances before we make a conclusion.